about us

Our passion for photography has enabled us to appreciate the smallest of details. Even the minute details can turn into great photographs. What began as a love of capturing photographs from family and social events turned into a desire to help people capture their special event. Two shutters understands that photography is not for the glamour but for everyone as well. Photographs provide us with emotions that make us feel like it happened yesterday. This is what we strive for, long lasting memories.

Ttwo shutters was created on the emphasis on providing affordable photography from the every day person, local business to larger businesses. We do not concentrate on wedding or sweet 16 events also known as Quinceañeras in hispanic cultures. We focus on events we celebrate constantly but not necessarily big events. Although we understand that even the smallest gathering is a big event for you. Such events include but are not limited to birthday parties, confirmations, baptisms, even social events like car clubs. Our partner, Mente Graphics takes our unique and beautiful photographs and utilizes them for excellent graphic design work. Some categories but not limited to modeling, family portraits, group photos are a big part of photography and graphic design industry. Photographs are an excelent means of providing that look people want and desire for any use whether to promote business services, portfolio, invitations or just to have. We strive to take photographs that you can share with your family and friends but at the same time can used at a professional level.

Two Shutters came to be from its partner MENTE GRAPHICS who is a company who offers graphic and web design, among which can be used for internet use but not limited to print print material such as business cards, post cards or other marketing material like t-shirts. The sole purpose of this partnership was to bring together the services of the two companies under one roof. Thus, allowing Mente Graphics and Two Shutters to co-exist together with the opportunity to grow on both ends. Here we eliminate any restrictions on licenses from photgraphers and restrictions from graphic design firms. Essentially what we have in our hands is unlimited use of both photos and designs for our clients at no additional fees. The plus side to this, neither both Mente Graphics or Two Shutters will have to worry about not using designs or images that do not belong to either companies. That is essentially a pieceof mind.